November 25, 2019



“I know what you’re thinking. You hate me. You got a glimpse of my ring and you’re pissed. I know your kind because I was once your kind. Every time I saw a happy couple I could feel last night’s dinner coming up. When I saw wedding magazines I wanted to take a blowtorch to each one of them. I’d been on blind dates and I’ve been on dates where I wish I were blind. But I finally did find Mr. Right. And I’m going to show you how. “
Through humor, empowerment, and basic common sense licensed clinical social worker “Professor Kelli” instills confidence in women, makes them laugh at their situation (or the men they’ve dated), and teaches them the process of letting go and staying present. Sure, it’s about finding a husband but it’s more about finding you first.


Thriving with ADHD includes: An overview of ADHD that includes common symptoms, ADHD types, how ADHD can be an asset, and areas where kids could use additional support. Exercises that build helpful skills for dealing with anger, staying focused, controlling impulses, and making mindful decisions. Action–oriented lessons for daily life that teach practical tools such as creating a morning routine, making a homework chart, and expressing themselves when they’re upset. Techniques for self-regulation and organization that help kids handle any emotion or obstacle, so they can spend their energy having fun and just being kids!

“Thriving with ADHD” won Indie Book Awards in two categories.

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Co-author to “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages from Heaven and Other Miracles: 101 Stories of Angels, Answered Prayers, and Love That Doesn’t Die.” (Chicken Soup For the Soul Press, 2019)

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